TrustTech Inc. Canadian company has started its international activities in the field of power, oil & Gas, Petrochemical products, Electrical parts & Control systems, Water treatment, and Electromotors, based on our personal well known and successful experiences and business collaboration with international companies.
Monitoring the market potential business opportunities and focus on the market development of engineering services and industrial products which were made in Canada or other nationalities manufacturers, are our main responsibilities.

Supplying industrial machinery and equipment, technical & engineering services and Consulting to the target markets based on Canadian companies’ capabilities and our global supply chain, are the main activities and goal of TrustTech Inc.

Mission & Vision Statement

  • Introducing Canadian Manufacturers capabilities in the industrial field and Energy to Foreign Markets by using our international network and partners
  • Monitoring the potential business opportunities and Supplying for requirements Increasing revenue, and local & international Market share


  • Develop and extend our collaboration with local Canadian and International partners to Complete our Products and Services portfolio
  • Develop and extend our relationship with our valuable potential clients to cover their expectations and requirement

Business Model

TrustTech Inc’s Business Model is B2B2C.

Collaboration with manufacturing companies, who offer power generation solutions tailored to their clients’ requirements. They also offer a comprehensive inventory of parts for all your power generation and industrial engine needs

Target Industries

  • Oil & Gas
  • Exploration & Production
  • Pipelines & Processing Plants
  • Refining & Petrochemical
  • LNG
  • Power
  • Metering And Gate Stations
  • Fpso & Shipbuilding
  • Onshore Receiving Terminals

Field of Activities

Power Generation

We can supply Gas and Steam Turbines capital and consumable parts, Gas Air Intake Filters, different rang of Electro Motors, as well as all kind of required services through the capable and reliable partners.

Oil & Gas

We will support you by providing spare parts and services for:

  • Gas Turbine
  • Turbo Compressors
  • Electro Motors and Generators
  • Valves
  • Storage Tank
  • Pumps
  • Control Systems spare parts and Instrumentation

Control System & instrumentation

Relying on the experiences and technical and engineering capabilities of leading and experienced partner companies in this field, we are able to provide services and spare parts for control systems and instrumentation in various industries.